Come dance with me on March 6 and / or March 20, Sunday 10.30-11.30 CET.

Mail me for the Zoom link:  Looking forward!

You give what you can and want - i will double the proceeds and donate to

If you want to donate, but for a different cause, that's totally cool too. 

Looking forward to dancing with you!


If you want to contribute please add the comment "framing fifty" on your transaction. If you participate regularly I will take your average contribution and double it - unless you tell me otherwise.


Alexandra Wilde - please specify "framing fifty"
IBAN: DE76 1001 1001 2625 3436 04




PS: "Who turned the clock?", in German "Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht?" is the outro song of the German version of the Pink Panther, see the video below.

The Pink Panther you see in the picture has been my companion for at least 45 years. Probably 48. [-cartcount]