friends and recommendations by nia-san:

Nia wear: - slightly shaping & sooo American -  hanseatic & heavenly soft and warm - swedish, silky-cool summerwear
Nia elsewhere:
USA: - the original!
Germany: - with Ann  - with Kristina in Stuttgart
Austria: - with Kristin - with Gabi
Denmark (Pink Panther connection!): - with Camilla
Switzerland: - mit Alexandra und Esther - mit Sigrid

India and elsewere: - dance, reatreat, lifestyle
What goes well with Nia: 

Health in Shanghai: 
Great smoothies made with Joy, 3 walking minutes from after the Nia class. The perfect combo!
Western and traditional Chinese medicine

Health in Germany: - Rolfing with Sylvia Bentz 

Music & Sound: super audio systems

Art: - Kathrin Gralla & Co for photography of choice

One World: - inspiring ocean detox - empowering children - empowerment in Burundi - empowerment in Brasilien