Danke! Thank you! Gracias!


Thank you, Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas for creating Nia®

Thanks, Kristin Gasser, for introducing me to Nia.

Thank you, Ann Christiansen, for the wonderful trainings, and the inspiring dance!
Thank you, Myrta Scherer, for Co-Creating my Nia WhiteBelt!
Thank you, Nia colleagues from Belt trainings, playshops, encounters. You are great company!
Thank you, Kathrin Gralla, Sören Petersen, Jeff Stewart and Colin Stewart for the pictures!
Thank you, Raoul, for creating my nickname!
Thank you, father, thank you, mother:
You encouraged me to think, create, and move!

"Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto." 

                                        Violeta Parra, 1917-1967