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Open Stance, Op^S

Mar 2 - Mar8, 2014

Open Stance. Wow. The magic sound bites are "balance" and "ground". I find that Open Stance opens my self up for activity. Especially after preparing in Closed Stance. Every day practice: just before I end my shower, I change into Open Stance - after starting in Closed Stance, see there... and of course, stay tuned for the other stances...


02.-08.03. 2014

Open Stance, offener Stand. Wow. Die Zauberworte sidn 'balance' und 'ground'. Open Stance bereitet mich auf Aktivität vor. Besonders, wenn ich davor Closed Stance übe. Alltagspraxis: Nach der Dusche in Closed Stance bewusst in Open Stance gehen - Guten Morgen, Welt!

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