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Currently I offer online classes, Sundays 10.30-11.30 am CET. The replay is available 24h.

Above you get a glimpse of our living room in its function as Nia studio. Also in class, you will be able to see me facing the camera directly and through the mirror. This supports you in seeing all side, details and the whole picture.

Contact me if you're interested and I'll send you the link to the online class Alexandra.Wilde(a) or +49-174-7674180.


Tips and hacks to improve the experience:

- 2x2m free space with view to your monitor is enough. More is better.

- Nia is best danced barefoot for whole body stimulation and movement precision.  If you prefer, you can put on non-slip socks or shoes with soft, thin soles. Please do not wear regular socks (risk of slipping).

- comfortable "movement clothes", maybe with additional layers for beginning and end, and something that inspires you at that moment.

- for better audio use an external speaker / boom box (best connected with an aux cable, blue tooth can lead to lagtimes between audio and video)

- use a LAN cable rather than WiFi, and strong internet connection to further reduce lag time. 

- Please mute your audio during class (your little microphone has to be crossed through). In the beginning and during class, I am not able to hear you - but other participants are, and other noises interrupt the music. If you want to tell me something, please type it in the chat.  After class I change the setup and we can talk. Looking forward.

- If the video and / or audio gets stuck, you can turn off your video to save bandwidth

- Zoom is continuosly improved. Best update Zoom before each class, it's a matter of less than a minute. Older versions may lead to distortions in volume, especially music may be lower.


Financial contribution:

You give what you want and can.


Alexandra Wilde

IBAN: DE76 1001 1001 2625 3436 04



In between or if it doesn't fit timewise, you can also check our Nia TV, I compiled workouts with a choice of focus and intent in my  Blog. Or check out for further options.

Let me know if you have questions. 


Stay healthy and move in Joy.

"Nia: Through Movement We Find Health"


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